“My experience at Viking for the last 11 years has been rewarding in many ways. Viking offers flexible hours which allows you to plan around your children’s school/activities and knowing that at the end of the day you helped other people who have been struggling financially get back on their feet.”

-Grady, Team Manager

“Flex hours are the best!”

-Julie, Customer Advocate

“I’m new to this biz and Viking has provided me with the training necessary to succeed. My co-workers are very helpful and the necessary tools are available to me when I need them.”

-Carol, Customer Advocate

“If you like retail, you’ll love collections – better pay, and better hours.”

-Judy, Lead Customer Advocate

“Viking provides the management, training and teamwork to prosper. Since starting in 2002 I’ve worked with many interesting and motivated people. This is a perfect place for a self starter.”

-Steve, Customer Advocate

“Viking has a core competent staff dedicated to the support and success of our collectors. We have a comprehensive benefits program, and offer the flexibility and opportunity I have seen in few industries.”

-ConraD, Lead Customer Advocate

“Viking provides a friendly workplace with a supportive staff. At Viking I set my own schedule, which gives me the flexibility I need to spend time with my family.”

-Terry, Customer Advocate

“I have been with Viking for the past 5 years. The flexible schedule gives me the opportunity to work around my family schedule as well as earn unlimited income.”

-ApriL, Customer Advocate

“For nine years at Viking I’ve always enjoyed coming to work. There’s something new and challenging happening all the time.”

-MarK, Lead Customer Advocate